Disney+ withdraws this feature from Google to give it to Apple

News hardware Disney+ withdraws this feature from Google to give it to Apple

The Disney+ application has just been updated on Android TV as well as on Apple TV. Users of the Apple brand will be happy to be able to take full advantage of their headphones and earphones. On the other hand at Google it may look gray.

Apple TV recovers audio spatialization in Disney+

In the latest Disney+ 2.9.5 update, Apple TV users were pleasantly surprised to see that the streaming service’s player had added support for Dolby Atmos. Good news that allows people with the AirPods Max headset or the AirPods 3 earphones or even Proto take full advantage of the audio spatialization capabilities of their device.

The addition of Dolby Atmos makes it possible to use the dynamic tracking function of the audio by the movements of the head. A much more immersive experience than just 5.1 surround sound. Especially since for the Apple AirPods Max headphones, the rendering is simply stunning.

The limitation in audio spatialization was due to the Disney+ player which did not support the transmission of Dolby Atmos audio streams. It was only a problem that came from its applicationit was perfectly possible to use it via the browser for example.

When Disney gives, Disney takes back

On the side of Google it smiles much less. Unfortunately, this update came with a downgrade. Dolby Atmos is no longer supported on Android TV devices. We can count Android TV boxes like the Nvidia Shield or the Google Chromecast. The problem is probably much broader than that and expands to all Android devices under Disney+ update 2.9.5.

Neither Google nor Disney has yet communicated about this sudden withdrawal. It may be a simple bug or a licensing issue between Dolby and Google. The first hypothesis remains the most probable. Some
have also had Dolby Atmos which has suddenly returned to them. It may be an update on the server side that led to this bug.

For people who have experienced this downgrade, it is possible to revert to the previous version without any problem. To do this, you must download version 2.8.0 of Disney+ from Google and then add it with a USB key to your Android TV box. The installation of the APK file can then be done. You will simply have to uninstall the current version of Disney+. Or the last solution is to wait for the problem to be fixed, if it’s a bug.

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