Daigas Group’s Onsite Hydrogen Generation Technology Global Deployment with Hyundai Rotem Company

OSAKA, Japan, August 04, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Daigas Gas and Power Solution Co., Ltd. (“DGPS”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 9532), has established an extensive commercial collaboration for its on-site hydrogen generator technology with Hyundai Rotem Company (“HRC”), an affiliate of Hyundai Motor Group, enabling HRC to sell the generators outside of South Korea.

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HYSERVE-300 (Photo: Business Wire)

Daigas Group (formerly Osaka Gas Group) launched the first on-site hydrogen generator model “HYSERVE” (*1) in 2003 by adopting his accumulated knowledge of catalysts. In 2013, DGPS introduced a new model “HYSERVE-300” with a hydrogen production capacity per hour of 300 Nm3. As the manufacturer of the HYSERVE-300, DGPS sold the units primarily to hydrogen fueling stations.

Then, in 2019, DGPS granted HRC the right to manufacture and sell “Hy-Green”, a hydrogen generator using HYSERVE-300 technology, which enabled HRC to meet the growing demand from stations. hydrogen refueling in South Korea.

After confirming the successful launch of Hy-Green by HRC, DGPS decided to deploy its HYSERVE technology globally by allowing HRC to sell Hy-Green outside of South Korea. DGPS is convinced that this will contribute to the rapid establishment of the hydrogen supply infrastructure that is necessary for decarbonization in the transport sector.

Hy-Green will be sold by HCR for on-site hydrogen refueling stations for various hydrogen-powered mobilities (light vehicles, buses, trucks, construction equipment, trains, boats, drones etc.), fuel cell power plants fuel, and biogas plants (to produce hydrogen) to extend the hydrogen supply chain.

HRC has already developed its mass production capacity of Hy-Green and is ready to receive inquiries from around the world, including through Daigas Group.

Daigas Group including DGPS will expand its overseas energy business from upstream to downstream by making full use of its experience gained in and outside Japan, as well as its existing overseas business platforms.

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Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.

The head office :

4-1-2 Hiranocho, Chuo-ward, Osaka-city, Osaka

Representing :

Masataka Fujiwara (Chairman and Managing Director)

Capital amount:


Date of establishment :

April 10, 1897

Commercial activity :

Distribution and supply of natural gas; electricity production and supply, etc.

Daigas Gas and Power Solution Co., Ltd.

The head office :

3-5-11 Doshomachi, Chuo-ward, Osaka-city, Osaka

Representing :

Nobushige Goto (Chairman and Managing Director)

Capital amount:

100,000,000 JPY

Date of establishment :

October 1, 2019

Commercial activity :

Operation and maintenance of gas and electricity plants; production and supply of electricity; and engineering

Hyundai Rotem Company

The head office :

37, Cheoldobangmulgwan-ro, Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 16082, Korea

Representing :

Yong-Bae, Lee (CEO)

Capital amount:

KRW 545,711,465,000

Date of establishment :

July 1, 1977

Commercial activity :

Total rail system supply, land weapon system supply, steel, automotive production and hydrogen infrastructure supply, etc.

Contact information :

Duseop Lee / [email protected] / +82-10-2648-5039

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