Cryptocurrency staking—The bear market is the perfect time to start!

When prices are relatively low, investors can buy more tokens with their fiat currencies, even though the euro has fallen well against the dollar in 2022.

Since more tokens purchased equate to greater staking incentives, their returns tend to increase during a bear market.

Experienced cryptocurrency investors have witnessed bear markets before, as well as recovery phases that followed. Each time it was wiser to start staking during the bear market.

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To be successful in investing in cryptocurrencies, you have to believe in the long term, have the composure to remain calm in times of sharp decline and refrain from any impulsive operation.

Investors may fear that their staking will earn them less if the price of cryptocurrencies remains low. However, staking rewards are data in tokens and do not depend on their prices.

Staking can therefore be a double win!

You benefit from both the simple increase in token value and the token rewards.

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If the value of the token you staked decreases, the value of your rewards could be considered reduced. However, until you convert your tokens into fiat currencies, there can be no talk of losses.

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And investors who start staking during the market downturn dramatically increase their chances of doubling the benefits of staking.

Discover our guide to staking.

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