Cryptocurrencies: Celsius bankruptcy raises colossal legal issues

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On the program this Friday, in “21 million, your crypto coach”:

1 – The stakes of the upcoming Celsius trial

The file of the week will focus on the colossal legal issues raised by the first day of hearing of the lending platform Celsius after its placement in the bankruptcy regime. It will thus focus on the many jurisprudences that the upcoming trial could establish, particularly in terms of ownership of cryptos entrusted by users.

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2 – Investment advice of the week

Like every Friday, a crypto expert will give you advice on how to best invest your money in digital assets and help you maximize your profits.

3 – What to remember from the week

We have selected and cross-referenced the main events of the last seven days. Be at the forefront of crypto news by retaining the essentials.

Price analysis

And if you haven’t read it yet, here’s what this Tuesday’s newsletter contained, “21 Million, price analysis” :

1 – Interview with Alexandre Baradez

Head of market analysis at the broker IG France, Alexandre Baradez takes stock of the risks, particularly macroeconomic, which weigh on the cryptocurrency market this week. He is also projecting a possible rebound, which he believes will involve a change in the tone of the Fed on its monetary policy. And therefore by a lull on the inflation front.

2 – Nicolas Gallant’s technical analysis

Financial journalist, expert in technical analysis at Capita, Nicolas Gallant (CFTs) notes that bitcoin is struggling to overcome its background downward momentum.

3 – Focus of the week

Specialist in systemic technical analysis, Donovan Ray is interested this week in LINK, the native token of the Chainlink oracle network.

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