City teachers receive training in the use of instructional technology for special education

This year, the Municipal Ministry of Education (Smed) has invested more than 2 million reais in educational innovation, such as the purchase of programs and equipment that provide technology for learning. One is Tix Letramento Educacional, which uses assistive technology, with a smart multifunctional keyboard that enables students with intellectual, physical and motor disabilities to use information technology and digital communication tools.

During this week, teachers of Specialized Teaching Assistant (AEE) classes were trained in the use of Tix Letramento. The training took place at the Federal Institute of Bahia (IFBA), from Monday (25) to today (29).

The coordinator of the special education team of Smed, Mara Viana França, said that with the Tix program “it is possible to apply technology as a didactic tool in the teaching and learning processes, improving the possibilities, communication and creativity of students with disabilities are increased”.

Mara Viana, Markelen Dutra and Lívia Vilasbôas from the Smed Educational Center

For the pedagogical manager of the Tix Letramento Educational Program, Markelen Dutra, the keyboard adds students with intellectual, physical and motor disabilities to digital resources, adding that it is often the only communication alternative. “So for a child with cerebral palsy, with quadriplegia, who is not a verbal communicator, this resource may be the only way for that person to communicate with the outside world. »

Dilma do Carmo Brito, teacher of the AEE room at Escola Frei Serafim do Amparo, said the training was very important and the equipment will make a difference in the lives of the students. “It will add a lot to our work because it is an assistive technology and it gives us different opportunities for the most dedicated student to participate in this process of reading, reading and writing” .

As for the teacher of the AEE room of the Escola José Rodrigues do Prado, the Círculo Escolar Integrado (CEI) do Pradoso, the town hall and the Smed are to be congratulated for the choice. “I’m in training and I see countless possibilities with the equipment. I’m sure it was a very important option for us to start stronger with assistive technology in the AEE space and in the school field. »

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