Chrome and ChromeOS deemed not secure enough for schools in the Netherlands

Google remains discreet about how data is collected on its Chrome browser, as well as where it is stored. For the Minister of Education, this is a real problem, especially in the case of children, so he decided to control the browser much more harshly in schools.

Concretely, the use of the various Chrome services is not prohibited in schools in the Netherlands, but must be subject to precautions. To avoid unnecessary data leaks, schools that continue to use Chrome should disable ad personalization, prevent machine translation and localization, or use a search engine other than Google.

The Dutch government has discussed its concerns with the Mountain View company, but also with giants like Zoom and Microsoft. Google has announced that a new version of Chrome and Chrome OS will be ready within a year, hence the moratorium until August 2023. If this new version is, as promised, more transparent and more secure, then the government could lift the restrictions. Note that in France, the CNIL issued a similar decision in February.

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