How much does a Google Ads campaign cost?

Credits: Pixabay If there’s one company that’s ubiquitous on the internet today, it’s surely Google. And it is for this reason that most advertisers turn to the latter to advertise. In recent years, we have witnessed the appearance of Google Ads. A new advertising technique through which we can display our ads on all Google … Read more

Free phone calls with Google Voice

Types of free calls with Google Voice Google Voice can be used to make free PC-to-phone calls and free PC-to-PC calls. The easiest and most common way to use Google Voice, however, is to allow the service to connect your phone to the destination number for free. You could call it a free “phone to … Read more

Learn How To Leverage Google Services To Support Your Business

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pennsylvania — This fall, the Inventing Penn State LaunchBox and Innovation Network will host Grow with Google workshops, which will teach businesses best practices for Google products. Topics will include creating search-friendly websites, using YouTube to increase business results, and managing business information in Google Search and Maps. All workshops are virtual, free, … Read more

First pages on Google™ without paying Google™? It’s possible ! » The economic and political newsletter of PACA

KAMELIWEB by RACV is the first CMS allowing a site to be natively networked with hundreds of others, in order to facilitate the natural positioning of its keywords on the 1st page of Google™. Its unique technology in the world makes it possible to communicate simultaneously on hundreds of websites, without displaying any of these … Read more

the US government is about to sue Google

The United States Department of Justice should sue Google for abuse of dominance in online advertising. A similar trial is already underway in New York, led by a group of 16 states. At Google, the tension is mounting. According to Bloomberg, the United States Department of Justice (DoJ) is set to sue the tech giant … Read more

[Piratage crypto] – Be careful, never click on these links from Google, they can empty your crypto wallet!

A set of fraudulent schemes involving distributed wallet applications have been discovered by Confident, according to Web3 hackers steal seed phrases and steal tokens through clone wallets. According to their report, the programs are distributed through reputable websites that clone themselves, giving the user the impression that they are downloading original software. Hackers Are … Read more