“I was wrong”: after the collapse of the cryptocurrency terra, its creator publicly admits his mistake

It will have caused investors to lose $40 billion, and more than $500 billion in the cryptocurrency market. Do Kwon, 31, co-founder of TerraUSD, admitted to having “wrong” after a collapse “brutal” of his stablecoin. “I think the best way to heal wounds is to just be honest and admit I was wrong”said the young … Read more

What explains the NFT trend?

NFT here, NTF there, you’ve probably heard this word before, but what is it really? For a few months now, the word NFT has been part of our vocabulary, but many do not know exactly what it means. If you are looking to understand why NFTs are trendy and especially to understand its interest, this … Read more

Investors have their eyes on dogecoin and shiba

Despite the last two crypto-crashes, investors are making a strong comeback to the cryptocurrency market. While bitcoin and ether remain the two main cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization, the attention of cryptocurrency investors is currently turning to somewhat exotic cryptocurrencies, in particular dogecoin and shiba inu, underlines an analysis by Marketwatch . The same stocks … Read more

Beware, this malware targets more than 200 Android banking and cryptocurrency applications

Malware called SOVA threatens Android smartphones. Increasingly sophisticated, the virus targets more than 200 applications, including banking and cryptocurrency exchange apps. The malware is designed to steal victims’ money and siphon off all their personal data. It can also turn into ransomware. Cleafy computer security researchers warn users of an Android smartphone. According to experts, … Read more

Ethereum breaks above $2,000 and embarks on a bullish rally!

As if the above were not problematic enough, the interference of regulators is growing. Many countries have started to take a close look at cryptocurrencies, seeing a number of “hazards” for economic stability, and of course, the fact that they could undermine the traditional economic structure. Clearly things haven’t been all that easy for cryptocurrencies … Read more

Strongly Rising Dogecoin and Ethereum Compatible Dogechain Gaining Ground

According to data from CoinGecko, Dogecoin’s DOGE token is up 11.6% today, trading around $0.085 at press time. It briefly hit $0.088 before stabilizing. This rise comes despite a decline in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the cryptocurrency market in general. Probably the biggest factor behind this rally is the growing momentum around Dogechain, touted as a … Read more