Brazil’s Vice President Hamilton Mourão Visits GWM’s Brazil Factory, LEMON DHT System Receives Praise

Nelita Michel, Mayor of Iracemápolis, also took part in this visit. At the site, technical specialists introduced visitors to GWM’s new and smart cutting-edge energy technologies, in particular the unique LEMON DHT system. Next, the GWM Brazil team presented in detail the investment planning and overall corporate structure in the country.

“We have entered the era of the knowledge economy. So it is technological progress that will take the upper hand when it comes to increasing the GDP of any country, and Brazil must move in this direction. This will allow the creation of quality jobs and stimulate innovation. Today I saw the future,” Mr. Mourão said.

On the same day, he was also able to test the HAVAL H6 prototype equipped with the LEMON DHT powertrain and gave positive feedback on the car.

“It’s a wonderful car. But it’s not just about electricity. The thing is, the technology built into it is cutting edge. There is much more to it than the engine,” he said.

Prior to this activity, GWM held the first media fair on the LEMON DHT system by means of live broadcast. Many Brazilian media have shown great enthusiasm and interest in this technology.

“GWM is one of China’s largest private car manufacturers and produces the best hybrid and electric vehicles in the world,” commented TAKATA Car Xperience, a Brazilian professional media specializing in car reviews.

LEMON DHT is a highly integrated, high-efficiency, multi-mode hybrid (petrol-electric) system. The use of dual-motor hybrid technology and an efficient hybrid motor helps maintain an optimal balance of efficiency and performance at all speeds and in various scenarios.

The vehicle equipped with this technology, such as the HAVAL H6 model launched in the Thai market, can make intelligent mode changes according to the scenarios, which not only achieves low fuel consumption but also high performance. In urban use conditions, the system can intelligently switch between electric vehicle mode and serial mode, which can result in better fuel efficiency. In addition, when the vehicle is traveling at high speed, the engine, drive motor and generator will work together under full load to power the vehicle efficiently.

These models are able to cover a variety of mobility scenarios, which can lead drivers to reduce fuel consumption, experience more power and have a more enjoyable driving experience.

At present, HAVAL H6 models with LEMON DHT system have already celebrated remarkable sales volume in some markets. According to Ai iT, a Thai media, the sales volume of the HAVAL H6 HEV has ranked first in the new energy compact SUV category for six consecutive months in the first half of 2022 in the Thai market.

In the near future, models equipped with this technology are expected to meet the expectations of more global consumers in many markets, offering them a whole new driving experience powered by the futuristic LEMON DHT system.

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