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A new way to save energy, water and detergent
thanks to the new models of Bespoke AI™ washing machines and dryers.

Samsung Electronics France unveils Bespoke AITM, its new laundry care range. With its new washing machines and dryers, the brand offers users a whole new experience of living at home, by optimizing their consumption of water, energy and detergent thanks to Artificial Intelligence. With their elegant design faithful to the codes of the Bespoke range and optimized technologies and functions, these two models join the class.
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Sustainability and energy performance criteria are decisive factors for consumers when buying a home appliance, and Samsung is taking a holistic approach,” declared Matthieu Lanier Director of the Household Appliances Division of Samsung Electronics France. “This is why, in addition to offering the best energy grade, we notably offer a 20-year guarantee on an essential part, namely the motor of our washing machines and dryers, thus allowing customers to use their home appliance for longer. »

Intelligent, efficient and energy-efficient washing

Samsung develops new technologies every year to limit the environmental impact of its products. Thanks to updated technologies and functionalities with Artificial Intelligence, the Bespoke AI washing machineTM today offers many possibilities for optimizing water, energy and detergent consumption, including:

  • AI EcobubbleTM: this technology injects air into the mixture of water and detergent creating an ultra-efficient foam, effective even at low temperatures. So the washing machine can wash cold (15°C)[1] with the same efficiency as washing at 40°C, saving energy while preserving the quality and colors of textiles – this technology improves fabric care by 45.5%[2]. Equipped with a fabric detector, the washing machine optimizes the cycle parameters. Depending on the type of textile, it then adjusts the level of foam, the number of rinses, the washing time and the spin speed.[3]. The key: better stain removal (+24%) and significant energy savings (up to 70%)[1].
  • AI-Wash: equipped with numerous sensors, the new Bespoke AI washing machineTM is able to adjust the water and detergent levels during the wash cycle according to the level of cleanliness and the weight of the laundry.
  • AI Control: the smart control panel will analyze the programs and settings used and automatically display them in order of user preferences.

Drying adapted to the needs of the user

The Bespoke AI dryerTM offers faster and more precise drying[4]also gentler on clothes, thanks to new on-board technologies:

  • AI Dry achieves unparalleled performance[5], while significantly reducing energy consumption. With multiple sensors monitoring the humidity of laundry in real time, AI Dry technology automatically adjusts the drying power of the device with the right level of heat. It will offer faster drying (-15%)[6] when the laundry is very damp or will save energy (-10%)[7] when the laundry is not very damp.
  • Digital Inverter Compressor: the Digital Inverter induction compressor offers the possibility of modulating the drying power delivered, unlike a conventional compressor which operates at a fixed power.
  • Quick DriveTM: a technology designed for fast washing and drying programs. While it allows the washing machine to wash 5kg of laundry in just 39 minutes[8]this technology also reduces laundry drying time by up to 35%[9].

The dryer also features flagship Samsung technologies

  • Auto Cycle Link: thanks to the Auto Cycle Link[10]the Bespoke AI dryerTM recognizes the washing program used upstream, and automatically suggests the most suitable drying program accordingly.
  • For tailor-made planning, the application SmartThings[11]allows you to control the washing machine and the dryer remotely and to follow the progress of the cycles.

Design products that increase energy efficiency

Among the technological prowess of the Bespoke AI™ range: the Digital Inverter Motor, guaranteed for 20 years. Fitted with a magnet to prevent friction and loss of energy, this induction motor offers robustness while being particularly quiet. By reducing friction, it reduces noise and vibration, making parts less prone to wear.

The new Bespoke AI™ range reaches energy class A (A+++ for the dryer[12]).

The washing machine has a repairability index of 9/10 and spare parts available for 14 years. For its part, the dryer, using heat pump technology “Heat Pump Samsung”, saves energy[13]. The heat pump operates with R290 refrigerant gas, less polluting than R134A.

KV BeSpoke 2

Bespoke design, to enhance your interior

With a standard dimension of 60 cm deep, the Bespoke AI washing machineTM offers an extra-large capacity of 11Kg. The washing machine is, in fact, equipped with SpaceMax™ technology[14] which frees up interior space by offering a wider drum, without increasing the exterior bulk. The result: a washing machine with an elegant design, which successfully combines practicality and energy efficiency.

Faithful to the characteristics of the Bespoke range, these new Samsung washing machines and dryers offer a sleek design, and thanks to their rectilinear shapes they fit perfectly into any interior. With their tempered glass door, users will be able to keep an eye on their cycle at all times, while going about their business.

The washers and dryers are offered in white with a silver top strip (the blue colored top strip will be available in late October). The Bespoke AI™ range is available in France from this summer.

[1] Tests carried out on the basis of the IEC 60456-2010 standard / 4Kg wash load / Super Eco cold program (WF80F5E5U4W) vs. Cotton 40°C without ecobubble (WF0702WKU). Results may vary depending on how the washing machine is used.

[2] Results obtained during the Performance Lab Test carried out by Springboard Engineering by comparing with a classic detergent solution and bubble technology without mechanical action on polyester textiles. Results may vary depending on how the washing machine is used.

[3] AI Ecobubble is only activated when specific programs are selected, including Cottons, Synthetics and AI Wash with loads below 2 kg. The cotton cycle with a load of 2 kg is compared to the conventional Samsung cotton cycle. Results may vary depending on clothing and environment. AI Ecobubble is available in 3 cycles (cotton, synthetic, AI wash).

[4] Based on an algorithm created by AI. Actual results may vary based on individual usage.

[5] Unrivaled performance compared to previous models and which allows the dryer to obtain the A+++ class level on the energy label.

[6] Tested on Samsung DV9400B compared to Samsung DV5000T on cotton cycle and AI Dry, with 2 kg of cotton and a mixed load of 57% humidity.

[7] Tested on Samsung DV9400B compared to Samsung DV5000T on Cotton and AI Dry cycle, with 2 kg mixed load of 43% humidity

[8] Tests carried out using the Super Fast program with basic settings and a load of 5Kg.

[9] Based on internal testing (9kg IEC cotton load) of the DV9400B using QuickDrive compared to a conventional Samsung model, the DV5000T. Result: Drying time reduced by 35% (210 mins –> 136 mins). Results may vary based on actual usage conditions.

[10] Auto Cycle Link is only available if the washer and dryer have the smart control panel and are connected to Wi-Fi.

[11] Available on Android and iOS. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.

[12] The dryer has an A+++ energy rating because it uses refrigerant instead of electricity to heat the air, consuming much less energy than conventional condenser dryers. It also improves its overall performance by recycling hot air, reducing its overall running cost and carbon footprint. A+++ rating awarded by the European Commission.

[13] Test result IEC61121:2013 / 8kg / Cotton cupboard ready with heat pump (DV80F5E4HGW) compared to a model without heat pump (DV80H4100CW). Performance may vary from machine to machine.

[14] SpaceMax technology allows the thickness of the interior walls to be reduced, thus increasing the interior space and the capacity of the washing machine.

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