Bankrupt Celsius wants to rehire its former CFO…for $93,000 a month

If you’re concerned about Celsius’s recent bankruptcy, today’s news will make you smile at best: the former cryptocurrency giant, having blocked withdrawals from its users after chaos gripped the market in June, is reportedly trying to rehire its former finance manager. And not to spoil anything, the operation would be done… without counting.

It was CNBC who spotted a motion recently filed with the New York court: according to this document, Celsius would seek the agreement of the regulator to be able to rehire its former CFO, Mr. Rod Bolger.

The company argues in this document on its need to work again with Mr. Bolger, and only with him: according to the company, his unique expertise would justify having recourse to his services again… for the modest sum of 120,000 Canadian dollars per month, or $93,000 at the time of this writing.

The contract offered to Mr. Bolger in this role of specialist consultant being of uncertain duration, the sum would be prorated to his effective working time over the next few weeks – which promise to be crucial for Celsius. The news caused a strong reaction on social networks.

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