Atomic Sheets, a library of elements to improve your spreadsheets on Google Sheets

Google Sheets is used daily by professionals. However, it should be mastered well to create practical and neat spreadsheets. To help you with this task, there are online tools like Atomic Sheets, from the creator of Better Sheets. It brings together a wide range of elements to make its sheets more efficient and interactive.

Landing pages, LinkInBio and other elements

Atomic Sheets is a tool whose resources are freely accessible. Just go to its website to discover all the elements. Simply put, these are Google Sheets tabs that you can copy and paste into your own spreadsheets. The goal is to improve the use of the latter for oneself, but also for the people to whom the document in question is shared.

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illustration atomic sheets

An easy-to-use tool. Illustration: Atomic Sheets.

illustration atomic sheets

Several models are offered. Illustration: Atomic Sheets.

In total, ten tabs are available for free. Among them, a landing page template. To use it, nothing could be simpler. First, you need to create a copy of the Atomic Sheets document. It is then necessary to go to the tab on which the landing page example is located, and click on the small arrow. We replicate the content on its sheet, and that’s it. Of course, everything is fully customizable.

Nine other elements are therefore available in this library, including a navigation bar and a LinkInBio to aggregate links redirecting to its social network profiles. Templates for organization and productivity are also featured.

Atomic Sheets is a freemium tool. Ten contents are offered for free, but you have to turn to the paid version to access a library with more than a hundred elements to improve your spreadsheets. It is affordable for 20 dollars and gives access to future templates.

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