Athletics – Armand Duplantis signs a new pole vault world record and wins the world title

Who will stop Armand Duplantis? This Sunday, the Swede set a new pole vault world record. A record increased to 6.21 meters, to improve, by a small centimeter, the old world record which already belonged to him, and this since last March, on the side of Belgrade. This is the fifth time he has broken a world record in the pole vault, the third time this year.

A world record with an impressive margin

Whether “Mondo” Duplantis succeeded on his second try, his incredible margin at this height suggests that he should not stop there and continue to push the limits a little more. The young athlete obviously also won the title of world champion in the specialty, during the world championships which took place near Eugene, in the State of Oregon, in the United States. The only one who was missing from his list, he who is only 22 years old.


Mayer earns second world title


By the time the reigning Olympic champion then attempted this record, he was already assured of climbing to the top step of the podium. On this same podium, second place was gleaned by the American Christopher Nilsen, reigning Olympic vice-champion, while the Filipino Ernest John Obiena finished in bronze. The two men having stopped at a bar at 5.94 meters.

As for Renaud Lavillenie, he finished fifth. European champion in 2018, Olympic champion in 2021 and indoor world champion at the start of the year, Armand Duplantis is now outdoor world champion. Simply outstanding.


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