Artificial intelligence: how the way you write online can reveal your identity

Photo credit, Getty Images

After the identification of people in criminal and forensic investigations using their fingerprints, DNA analysis, voice analysis and then iris fingerprints, today we are witnessing the identification of a text writer on electronic platforms, perhaps with the same precision, using “text fingerprinting analysis”.

Developers at a US intelligence research unit seek to use technology designed to combat online misinformation to identify, using artificial intelligence, a person based on how they write on social networks.

What is a “fingerprint digital texte” ?

According to the American specialized site “Nextgov”, experts from the Advanced Intelligence Research Projects Unit “IARPA”, a research wing of the American intelligence services, are working on the use of artificial intelligence within a program called “HIATUS” to analyze the hidden structure of text on the Internet and attribute it to its owner.

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