App Store: a class action proceeding launched against Apple (and Google) in Portugal

Complaints about theApp Store keep piling up. The most recent comes from Portugal : a law professor has launched a class action procedure with the Portuguese competition court, the complaint still claiming 100 million euros in damages! The subject of the dispute is almost “classic” now since the 15-30% commission from the App store and the equivalent on the Play Store side is in the viewfinder, the professor Fabrizio Esposito believing that this level of commission amounts to overcharging the consumer.

2.9 million users of the App Store and 3.6 million users of Google Play would thus be affected by the reason for the complaint, which explains the more than substantial damages. The plaintiff also argues that imposing high commission levels without allowing third-party app stores is a violation of Portuguese antitrust laws. This is of course not the first time that Apple has faced this type of legal action directly aimed at the App Store’s commission system; similar complaints have been launched in South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Australia, knowing that Europe is at the stage of the investigation…

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