AMD Announces Noise Suppression Technology

AMD Noise Suppression Technology

The next generations of Software Adrenalin graphics drivers will be enriched with a new application. AMD is working on noise suppression software. It is simply called “Noise Suppression”.

The idea is not new since this novelty will be a response to Nvidia’s RTX Voice. This software attempts to cancel background noise when talking with a microphone. It does this by isolating voices from sounds that it interprets as unwanted sound elements.

Much like Nvidia’s approach, AMD relies on real-time deep-learning technology to identify and isolate human voices from an audio stream. We currently have no information on this AI and how it is accelerated by hardware.

AMD Noise Suppression is going to be rolled out through the next generations of Adrenalin drivers. It is likely that an AMD Radeon GPU will be required to take advantage of this.

AMD Noise removal

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