a selfie of Gignac with the jersey of Boca Juniors ignites Argentina

The Argentinian media relay this Thursday a story of the French striker of the Tigres de Monterrey, André-Pierre Gignac, in which the Frenchman appears with the jersey of Boca Juniors. It was enough to fuel the rumors of a future arrival of the former OM striker.

If André-Pierre Gignac wanted to be talked about in Argentina, he couldn’t do it better. The idol of Mexico and the Monterrey Tigers took advantage of a traffic jam to take a picture of himself at the wheel of his car. So far nothing crazy, except that on the selfie posted in an Instagram story, the French center-forward is wearing the Boca Juniors jersey. However, if APG has always proclaimed its love for Mexico and says it is fulfilled with the Tigers, with which it is under contract until 2024, the Argentine media may see it as a sign of its future, on the side of Buenos Aires.

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Andre Pierre Gignac
André-Pierre Gignac © @Instagram

He is in love with Boca

It must be said that Gignac has never hidden his love for Argentine football in general and Boca in particular. “When I see the fervor in the Bombonera, I’m dying to play there,” he exclaimed in France Football in 2016. Three years later, in 2019, the club from the Argentine capital gave him a tempting offer but the former OM striker declined it. Who knows, the story may not be over…

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