A group outing where we talked about technology and history

The organizers were expecting around fifty people to fill a coach. Marigny Tourisme finally only welcomed about thirty participants for the visit of the Gaec Hulmer methanisation unit and the Tancrède museum in Hauteville-la-Guichard, near Marigny-le-Lozon (Manche). We will go there by carpoole “ , announced President Jacques Lefèvre. First stop at the Hulmer family Gaec.

The three brothers, Benoît, Thierry and Quentin, manage a 300 ha farm which opens onto a splendid alley of trees planted by René, the patriarch. Given the size of this farm, we now understand better the presence of the huge agricultural machinery that crosses our towns.s”, recognizes this visitor. Another interviewee is surprised, to know that the manure of 260 dairy cows is treated by methanization, via a powerful generator, before joining an electric generator connected to the EDF network, making it possible to supply the equivalent, excluding heating, of 800 homes “. Everyone has become aware of the interest of the process, we can talk about it knowinglyand cause » .

These Norman adventurers

The group then went a few hundred meters away, to the Tancrède museum, for the exhibition dedicated to Tancred of Hauteville and his sons who, in 1036, left Alta Villa (name of the town on the era) to conquer part of the Mediterranean. Antioch then Sicily, where Roger II was crowned king. The museum, managed by the AP2SL association, allows you to learn more about these Norman adventurers, descendants of the Vikings, by discovering the Like Conquesta tapestry painted and embroidered before the war, in the spirit of that of Bayeux, or even among a host of objects and works, the imposing statue of Robert le Guiscard, known as le Ruse.

Tancred Museum. Such. 02 33 47 88 86. Open this summer. Free admission.


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