A French multinational will export technology from the capital Goiás

Celebrating the eighth anniversary of the Giro do Boi, this Thursday the 12th, the main zoo technician interviewed was Jorge Espanha, president of Vetoquinol Saúde Animal Brasil and the Brazilian Rural and Agrifood Marketing Association (ABMRA).

The company begins to strengthen the business team that helps the Giro do Boi disseminate information of a technical nature to help it develop the national livestock sector. Currently, the French multinational, with a production center in Goiânia, brings together a network of around 200 technicians in the most diverse areas of animal health.

Spain even revealed Vetoquinol’s plans to raise the status of its factory during the interview.

“We have a plan to turn the Goiânia hub into a global hub for pest control products to fight ticks and horn flies. Here we are a Brazilian/French platform that will export excellent quality technologies to the world. It is important to emphasize that innovation also takes place in Brazil,” explains Spain.

The news celebrates the good results of the company in the world and in Brazil. According to the director, the company’s activities worldwide and in Brazil increased by 22% last year.

“Last year was a successful year for most animal health segments. In 2021, we grew by 22% globally and, coincidentally, we grew by 22% in Brazil, with global revenue of R$3 billion and, in Brazil, the milestone of R$130 million. R$,” says Spain.

Watch the full interview:

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