64% of employees think their experience with technology has an impact on their morale But only 20% of leaders allocate a budget to improving the digital experience of employees

Echoing another report, new research from Ivanti reveals that digital employee experience (DEX) has a major impact on employee satisfaction.

The study shows that 64% of employees believe that their experience of technology has an impact on their morale, and that 49% are frustrated with the technology provided by their work.

However, these numbers are at odds with management’s view, as only 20% of executives allocate budget to improving the DEX and only 21% of IT leaders prioritize end-user experience when designing. choosing a tool. Unsurprisingly, the number one priority for the C-suite is employee productivity, company culture, and employee satisfaction coming bottom of the list. In addition, 62% of managers agree that profitability takes precedence over employee experience.

Ensuring positive digital employee experiences is the new cornerstone of modern enterprise IT management“, says Steve Brasen, director of research at Enterprise Management Associates.Improving workforce productivity attracts and retains critical talent, accelerates business agility and competitiveness, reduces operational costs, and drives business success and growth. profitability of the organization. Understanding DEX requirements is key to tailoring related technologies and practices that will support each organization’s unique environment.

Among other findings, 26% of employees say they are considering quitting their job because they don’t have the right technology, while 42% have spent their own money on better technology that would allow them to work. more productively. 65% believe they would be more productive if they had better technology.

Hybrid working has also led to a proliferation of devices. The growing variety of devices and networks used by hybrid workers has dramatically increased the inventory of assets that IT teams must manage. Yet 32% of IT pros still use spreadsheets to track these assets, and only 47% agree that their organization has full visibility into every device that attempts to access its network.

Maintaining a secure environment and focusing on the digital employee experience are two essential elements of any digital transformation.“, says Jeff Abbott, CEO of Ivanti. “In the war for talent, a key differentiator for organizations is to deliver an exceptional and secure digital experience. We believe organizations that don’t prioritize how their employees experience technology are a contributing factor to the Great Resignation..”

Source: Ivanti

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